Hi Crona! I'm just recovering from a foot surgery. Can I have a hug?

"Y-yes o-o-of course.." She hugs him. "Hope you get better soon…"

N-neko me is cute,right?

N-neko me is cute,right?

Would you.. Maybe.. Wanna rp with me..? Could you do it through text..?

S-sure I’d love to,sounds fun hehehe ^ ^

Hello everyone,you may ask me anything you want

Hello everyone,you may ask me anything you want

Do you rp..? >#<

on Facebook mostly,but,yeah i do RP

“Crona sempai!" She yells as she runs to crona and gives him a huge hug, “how are you sempai?"

Oh,hello,I’m fine how are you? *smiles*

You should really source the pictures you use, mate.

Crona: well for some of these photos,I-i don’t really know who makes them,I’m really sorry guys….

Ragnarock: a British anon? really?

The name of the artist you seem to be so fond of is Izumi Sakurazawa.

Well,yes i know,i love the pictures that Izumi does,their all so cute

Honesty Hour. Ask me anything if you feel like ^U^



boredom <3 if somebody feels like asking something…

Hi Crona! I just want to say you're unbelievably cute!! Just, so adorable! *hugs you* What's living with Ragnorhok (I can't deal with spelling) like?

thank you! *hugs back* actually living Ragnarok is…….tiring….